Adam Zerner

Hi, I'm Adam

I'm a software developer and entrepreneur

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Updated April 25th, 2021

Current projects

  • Working at Springbig
  • Learning Haskell
  • Getting good at cooking

Things I'm proud of

Side Projects

Here's a few of my side projects. For the rest, see my GitHub.

  • Tater Tot: Basically Netflix Party, before covid, for YouTube.
  • CSS Demos: Demos and explanations of how much of CSS works.
  • Paul Graham Essay Summaries: I like Paul Graham's writing a lot. I took some the time to summarize a bunch of his essays a) as a writing exercise for myself and b) because summaries are useful to others.
  • Startups in Depth podcast: the goal was to actually get into the weeds of what startup founders experience.


I used to blog on Medium but now I blog here. You can check out the old stuff on Medium if you want, but I don't necessarily endorse it. Some of it I disagree with, some of it I disapprove of, and some of it I just don't think is good writing. Some of it I still like though.


Same with my YouTube channel. It's mostly old and I don't necessarily endorse it. I don't plan on making new videos in the short term but I hope I get around to it in the future. I enjoy it and I think that video is often times a better medium for things than writing.